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"Evolution is not a force, but a process". That's the philosophy that has made LeKem a leader in the metal finishing field. Clear vision of the future is necessary to continue the advance of the world's producing industries. Through continuous innovations and the highest standards, LeKem of Indiana, Inc. has spent nearly a quarter century developing and refining formulas to maximize efficiency and performance. At LeKem, this timely process has helped evolve a superior product. It's very simple; downtime increases profitability for us, as well as our customers.

Located in Batesville, Indiana, LeKem manufactures Electroless Nickel and Nickel Sulfate. The pure nickel used in production reduces impurities from the bath, and results in consistent performance. Service and reliability, that's the LeKem difference.

We as well as our customers are proud of our chemical surface products and the quality they represent. The LeKem process provides a variety of choices in premium Electroless Nickel technology. Not all applications are the same, from decorative to functional finishes; LeKem has the technology that will fit your application. Our plating customers can rely on our bath as well as our technical assistance, and our reputation is growing. We focus on bringing our customers up-to-date in technology and performance of their products and equipment. Once assessed LeKem brings significant cost savings, along with a knowledgeable service staff and a 24-hour help line.

LeKem of Indiana, Inc.
1863 Lammers Pike
Batesville, Indiana 47006
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