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LeKem's Line of Electroless Nickel Baths
An Alkaline Electroless Nickel bath. Used for plating zinc die cast and aluminum.
A bright bath with 6-9% phosphorous that plates with no pitting or staining and plates for 8-12 generations.
A low phosphorous bath (4%). Excellent wear resistance and hardness properties.
A 10-12% phosphorous bath with color for stainless steel, that plates with no pitting or staining. Passes all ASTM specifications for Aerospace, Automotive, and the Major Oil industry. Passes RoHS specifications and has 20 years proven performance. Stays in compression for life of bath up to 8 generations.
A bright medium phosphorous that plates with no staining or pitting. Ammonia free and great for large tanks.
10-12% phosphorous bath with a 0.0005 rate, which plates with no pitting or staining.
A medium phosphorous Lead and Cadmium free bath that meets or exceeds all RoHs, ELV and WEEE specifications.
A semi-bright, stable, low rate bath with 11-13% phosphorous, which plates with no pitting or staining.
  Nickel Sulfate 17.8 Oz / gal
Blended by LeKem using 99.8% pure Nickel powder, selling at competitive prices.
  Sodium Hypophosphite
Only the highest grade Hypo is used in our processes.
  Nickel Strip
A fast durable Nickel Stripper at competitive prices.
(Electroless Nickel Waste Additive)

An alternative to getting your waste hauled away. With this product it is possible to get your Nickel down to less then 2ppm.
LeKem offers a full line of soak and electro-cleaners. For additional information, please contact us."
LeKem offers a full line of activation chemicals. For additional information, please contact us."
  If you are experiencing pitting, pull away, low loading problems, low rate after four generations, or yellow and brown staining call 1-866-932-5536 to solve these problems with LeKem of Indiana, Inc.'s line of Electroless Nickel Chemicals.
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